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How has your brain been feeling lately?  Bright, alert and energetic? Easy to recall the information you need and able to manage complex planning and organising at home and at work? Full of energy and looking forward to the next project?

If not then you are in the right place. You can find help here if you:

  • struggle with memory
  • suffer from brain fog
  • feel lethargic due to weight gain
  • find it difficult to maintain focus and concentration
  • frequently misplace things like keys
  • struggle with usual organisational responsibilities
  • find it harder to retain information
  • feel increasingly weary or have ‘brain drain’

If a close family member has been diagnosed with dementia then experiencing these symptoms may be even more worrying.


If you are worrying about the prospect of developing dementia there is more you can do than you might think. Research into the mechanisms involved in the development of Alzheimer’s disease, the most common form of dementia, has shown promising results. We know that Alzheimer’s can be prevented and there is now evidence to show that memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s can be reversed too.

The simple message is to start learning now about what can be done to optimise the health of your brain.

This web site is full of resources to help you. From basic research to plans that you can follow to optimise brain health. To find out more have a look at the options below:

Got symptoms? The time to take action is now

This section explains what you can do to not only learn about how to optimise brain health but also to put in place a personalised plan to help you improve it. The principles that underpin these options are those identified in scientific research that are clearly beneficial to brain health. 

There are a variety of options that will suit different circumstances. These vary from working one to one in a methodical way to identify and correct underlying imbalances that may be contributing to symptoms and addressing those, to getting help to make brain healthy diet and lifestyle choices, and even learning as part of a group. 

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Find out about the research

Learning Zone

Functional Medicine

This is where we take a look at some of the very latest research in brain health. Whilst the information is written in a easy to follow way, the research that is described is highly complex. The research papers discussed can be accessed from this page so if you like reading the basic research it is easily accessible.

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The process by which underlying imbalances are identified and corrected is called Functional Medicine. In order to fully embrace how to keep the brain healthy it is important to understand what Functional Medicine is and how it is used to help improve health. You can learn all about Functional Medicine in this section.

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Even without symptoms at present you can still take steps now to reduce the risk of dementia later on in life. In this free talk some of the basic research is explained, we look at some of the important imbalances that may contribute to cognitive decline plus how to address them yourself. This talk is great for everyone, with or without symptoms, and is a great way to dip a toe in the water, ask questions and chat with someone who can help.

Find out more in this section

The British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy The Institue for Functional Medicine