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Your Company runs like a well-oiled machine – smoothly, efficiently, without any annoying squeaks or breakdown.  Continue to look after the oiling process and things should stay this way.  Don’t, and it is likely they won’t.  The oil represents your employees.  How important are they to your Company?  A little? A lot?  Most likely, they are business critical.  If you have a business critical asset, it needs looking after.

Look after your assets

At Nutritional Health Solutions, hundreds of men and women have approached us for help to improve their health.  Most of these men and women are employed and many speak of time lost at work through sub-optimal health, or through visits to their GP or hospital.  But it isn’t just absenteeism that can dig holes into your productivity.  Presenteeism is a big issue too.  If an employee is suffering from poor health, their mind is most likely worrying about it rather than 100% on their job.

How much does sickness cost your business?

Sickness absence costs UK companies billions of pounds each year. How many work days are lost in your company through sickness-related absence?  Do you know what the hidden cost is of your employees feeling sub-optimal throughout their working week? How does feeling unwell impact on their motivation, concentration, decision making and productivity?

Be proactive

It is never too late to take a proactive role in promoting health and wellbeing to ensure that your employees are feeling in tip top condition.  If you could help your employees improve their health, how would that impact on your productivity and employee retention? Incorporating a nutritional health programme into your business strategy could be just what you are looking for to give your company that extra competitive edge.

How we can help

So where does Nutritional Heath Solutions come in?  We provide lively and interactive workshops on nutrition and health, and one to one consultations for directors and key employees.  Our focus is on supporting energy levels and concentration, and encouraging healthy eating and lifestyle.  Workshops are designed to fit into your working day and can be tailored to your specific needs.

Confidentiality is maintained at all times and we can work with your Occupational Health Department to identify employees who might benefit from improving their health.  In addition, we can provide help with health insurance for your company or employees and health screening through our highly qualified service providers.

If you would like to find out more, call us on 07790 745769 for a free no obligation chat.

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