FREE talks on Weight Loss!

Do you want to learn how to lose weight healthily?

If you are fed up with being on a diet and not getting the weight loss you deserve or you don’t seem able to lose it long term, or of ‘falling off’ any healthy eating programme you might be following, and of constantly feeling you are restricting and limiting all the foods you love and feeling miserable about it, then read on. You might be interested in this workshop if you also:

  • Would like to learn how to drop a dress size using an ‘eat healthy’ approach?
  • Are constantly on a ‘diet’ yet never lose weight permanently?
  • You regularly sabotage your attempts to lose weight?
  • You want to lose weight without struggling to know what to eat or feeling hungry?
  • Would  like more energy?

Attend this workshop and you will come away with strategies that can be easily incorporated into your daily routine.  You will also:

Learn the simple scientific principles to help you kick start your weight loss

√ Find out why constant yoyo dieting is bad for your health and how to stop

√ Discover the one thing that will cause you to sabotage your healthy eating plan – every time

√ Find out which are the best foods to put in your shopping trolley so that you can lose weight without feeling hungry

√ Learn how to increase your energy by mixing up your foods and eating fat

There are only 20 FREE places available


The Date is:  

Please call Alison on 07790 745769 for dates.


Hertford, SG14

How to Book:

For more information or to book  – just call Alison on : 07790 745 769 or email her at:


Everyone who attends and provides feedback will receive a FREE body composition check

IMPORTANT.  Spaces are limited so don’t delay booking your place.  Bring a friend and come and learn together.


See what Suhad said about the workshop she attended:

“Alison was kind enough to offer the women of the Hertford area a complimentary workshop on weight loss.

It was not your usual diet workshop like ”eat this and avoid that food” type of thing. It was a very different approach that she rarely mentioned food till the end of the workshop. Alison’s approach is to lead a healthy lifestyle where we can eat normal food; it is about balance and planning what we eat.

I left that evening and was starving as my main problem was that I didn’t eat enough. I didn’t plan well and that made me tired, hungry and contributed to my insomnia which had become severe. To help me sleep I used to get up many, many times to grab a snack – healthy snacks but still didn’t help my sleeping or my figure.

That night, I rushed home and prepared a vegetarian dinner in less than 10 minutes that included the components Alison suggested and, for the next 4 nights I slept, not only 5-8 hours non interrupted but sound, deep sleep. I have been following Alison’s advice on eating and now I don’t need to eat any snacks during the night because simply I am deeply asleep.

What makes Alison stand out of ”the other dieting specialist” crowd that she is not greedy.  She provided me with information of nutritionists who deal with secondary cancer patients before I decide on taking up her programme… wonderful lady who puts herself out to help others achieve their goals on health and weight loss while staying healthy…

How little did I know that the key to my severe insomnia, feeling full and healthily losing weight was in the workshop that night!

I can’t thank you enough Alison…..”

Suhad, Hertford


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