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Healthy LivingWe help men and women feel, look and perform better.  This is done by providing nutritional and lifestyle advice tailored to your specific needs.  To find out how it works, read on and then call 07790 745769 for a free consultation to find out how we can help you.

The bank of health

Your health is a bit like a bank account.  If you don’t keep paying the money in, yet continue to take it out, you eventually get into trouble.  With a bank account, you’ll likely be liable to pay fees for the overdraft and interest on the loan, as if that isn’t irritating enough, but from a health point of view, the consequences can be much more serious than this.  Of course, how soon you get into trouble will depend on how much money there was in the first place and, health wise, this depends on the strength of your genes and the environment you expose them to (your lifestyle and your nutrition).

Just like the letter from the bank, your body will give out a series of signals to let you know that all is not well.  Just being overweight is also a symptom that things are not optimal and by being overweight you are at greater risk of future disease.  Fat cells don’t just sit there doing nothing – they release chemicals that can set off inflammatory triggers in the body, increasing the risk of poor health.  So whatever the signal, it is a letter from your body saying all is not well.

How Nutritional Therapy can help

So, where does Nutritional Therapy come in?  The signals your body sends tend to point to imbalances so a big part of Nutritional Therapy is about looking at those signals alongside the food you eat and your lifestyle.  This gives your Nutritional Therapist an insight into how to best support you in your goal of optimal health.  Now, your bank manager is likely to want interest payments for as long as you are overdrawn but unlike the bank manager, once we start making even small changes to the food we eat and to our lifestyle, we tend to start to feel better.  At Nutritional Health Solutions, we have seen some amazing changes after helping our clients to change their diet and lifestyle.

Get back in the black

So, to get your bank account back into the black, you obviously need to invest some money and, eventually, the letters will stop coming.  Investing in Nutritional Therapy is a great way to get your health back on track.  However, just visiting won’t do it – you have to be committed.  The people who benefit the most are those who take it all on board and go and do it.  It takes just three weeks to make something new a habit and that isn’t long in the big picture of things.  Change is always difficult but you will have support from Alison to help you all the way.  Don’t miss outclick here to find out about the Nutritional Therapy process and then call us on 07790 745769 for a no obligation chat.

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