Success Stories

Alison Sheldrick and Nutritional Health Solutions do not claim to diagnose or treat health conditions.  The focus is on optimising diet and lifestyle to support each person’s individuality and promote well being.

‘The success stories below are in no doubt due to the dedication my clients have shown in adapting their diet and lifestyle and, as a result, they have reaped their reward of wellness.  I would like to thank each and every one of them for their kind words and I wish them all good health for the future.’

If you have a medical condition, always consult a qualified medical doctor.


Lisa – ‘My goal is certainly within my grasp’

Lisa 150x150“When I told Alison I wanted to lose three stone, I was thinking this was some unachievable pipedream but now, after six weeks, I am actually half way there and twenty two pounds lighter! Although I know I have a way to go and I won’t lose weight as quickly from now on, my goal is certainly well within my grasp. I also sleep better, have lower blood pressure, softer skin and my mood has improved. I am also saving £20-£30 a week on my shopping bill. Amazing!”

Lisa, Hertford


Nicky – ‘I am now in control of my cravings’

Nicky small image“I was in a spiral of sugar cravings which gave me chronic headaches and then I would comfort eat. Gradually, I had put on a few extra pounds and I wanted to get on top of my weight gain. I had no doubts that Alison could help me. I have lost the weight, my headaches have gone, I am full of energy and, most importantly, I have control of my cravings.”

Nicky, Hertford


Claire – ‘I was amazed by the cravings control that the program brings’

‘I had never been overweight before, and I was struggling to get the will to lose weight and stay away from cakes/biscuits. My main Claire Freman imagevisible problem was bloating and lot of gas out of control! I had tried before to exclude some foods from my diet and gave up as doctor’s would not recommend anything and mainstream books on the subject were confusing so it was difficult to know how far to go on excluding some foods.

I have no regrets about investing in myself and my health. I really enjoyed learning the science of nutrition and being able to discuss “public information” on nutrition with a nutritionist is very valuable and helped me to have some direction. I think the hardest thing for me was to get organised; to be honest it would have been easier if I had not tried to do several other things at once – like moving house and city among others! Overall it has been easier than I thought and the fact that I had a “normal meal” for breakfast made the transition much easier. I was amazed by the cravings control that the program brings.

Overall my health has improved and I am nearly a “normal” weight now. I have better health (gas free, better skin, still off my antidepressants), more energy, I am slimmer and employing better eating principles and drinking more water. I now have much better control of my health and eating.’

Claire Fremann, Royston


Yve – ‘Having tried endless diets without consistent results, the Plan did seem too easy’

‘Before I worked with Alison I felt bloated, lethargic and disappointed that, despite what I considered to be a good diet and exercise routine, I was still overweight and not a good body shape.  Having tried endless diets without consistent results, the plan did seem too easy.

The best bits for me have been the consistency of weight loss and my increased energy levels. I still find it difficult to get my head round the results!’

Yve Rule, Hertfordshire

Yve before her Plan

Yve before her Plan

Yve after her Plan

Yve after her Plan




Maureen – ‘I lost a stone in four weeks and my cravings have disappeared’

‘Before I started the Programme I felt sluggish and I had put on weight.  I thought following it would be too difficult but, on the contrary, I found it interesting and much easier than I expected.  I had to plan and give it some thought but it was good to put myself first for a change! As a result of working with Alison my metabolic age went down considerably and I lost a stone in four weeks.  I can fit into smaller sized suits and dresses, I feel more energetic and my cravings have disappeared.’

Maureen Bartlett, Hertfordshire


Lia – ‘I lost more weight than I expected – nearly 9 pounds!’

Lia‘Before working with Alison I felt tired, a bit stressed, and dissatisfied with the way I looked.

The programme was very easy to follow.  I did not feel like I was on a diet and never felt hungry. I also stopped feeling tired all the time, and generally slept better. Oh, and I managed to lose more weight than I expected – nearly 9 pounds in the first 10 days! I felt supported throughout.’

Lia Parkinson


Ian – “The best thing about Alison is that she’s given me a system – a simple and sustainable system – which I can use for life.”

“Before I saw Alison, I had been gradually piling on the pounds and dealt with it by trying crazy diets which normally lasted about a week and left me feeling ravenous and fantasising about fry-ups. I was also randomly drinking protein shakes in fits and starts, having seen slimmer guys with them at the gym.

Having given up school biology at the age of 12, I’d swallowed various urban myths about nutrition and had definitely got it into my head that it was all about protein, protein, protein and eradicating fat and carbs. So I expected Alison would be a sort of protein policeman. I also expected her to issue me with various potions and powders. Thankfully that was far from the truth.

In our first session, I was impressed that Alison’s approach was backed up by real science and was fascinated by her explanation of my metabolism, with various warring factions fighting over my fat levels. Knowledge is power and it really helped to know, for the first time, how my insides were operating.

The next astonishing revelation was that it’s all about the balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates and not about killing carbs and fighting every fat molecule into submission. All of Alison’s tips were simple to follow and made perfect sense, whether it was about the number of chicken breasts I had for dinner or the speed at which I ate my muesli. I did use to be the fastest munching muesli eater in the West. No longer.

And it was great to get practical tips on buying food, storing and cooking it. Thanks to Alison’s clever system, I don’t fall back on ready meals; I make my own.

Having studied linguistics, I was particularly interested in Alison’s insights into how I talked about food. She taught me how to use positive rather than negative terms and I’ve realised it does make a difference. Much as I love my Mum’s scones, I’ve never managed to say no to an extra one, until now. I now have the right phrases up my sleeve.

I certainly feel fitter after seeing Alison and I’m slimmer too. I haven’t exactly gone from Henry VIII to Henry Cavill, but I’ve realised it’s more about feeling good than looking like a supermodel.  It’s not about diets and feeling hungry all the time. And it’s certainly not about being puritanical.  To misquote Clement Freud, ‘If you resolve to give up your favourite food, you don’t actually live longer; it just seems longer.’

But the best thing about Alison is that she’s given me a system – a simple and sustainable system – which I can use for life. Oh, and she’s really friendly and approachable too. Not at all like my biology teacher.”

Ian, Hertford


Vivienne – ‘I feel so much thinner and better about myself’

Vnne 2‘Before working with Alison, I was uncomfortable and miserable with being overweight and not being able to fit into my clothes.  Two thirds of my wardrobe was full of clothes that I liked but could no longer wear due to carrying too much weight.

Previous weight loss programmes had always resulted in a plateau after losing about 11lbs in weight and so I would walk away disgruntled. I was sceptical that a nutritional programme would result in weight loss.  I had been ‘conditioned’ to believe that only specific weight loss programmes would work – yet knew they didn’t.

I did struggle initially and was impatient to get some weight off.  There is a lot to take in and put in to practice and it needs commitment and a will to succeed. It has been interesting and intriguing cooking differently and seeing how my shopping habits have changed and watching my shape change.  The support from Alison has been paramount, but the group support is also important.

The best things have been seeing myself in a full length mirror wearing the new dress that I had recently purchased specifically to wear for the new me.  I can’t remember the last time I wore anything that was just below the knees and not full length or trousers. I feel so much thinner and better about myself, am no longer miserable and uncomfortable and I have made a couple of new friends.’

Vivienne Ellis-Spencer


Hary – ‘It has been a revelation!’

Hary L‘Having put on a lot weight after my second child I joined a slimming group and lost nearly 3 stone. However it has slowly crept on in the past three years. I returned to the group but it had stopped working for me – I felt I needed a new approach, not only to the way I ate but also to my attitude to food.

I didn’t have any reservations about working with Alison. Having spoken to her relating to a bout of illness I could tell that she was highly experienced, knowledgeable and sympathetic to how hard it is to lose weight and keep it off.

Alison’s Formula has been a revelation. The initial work addressed my issues with overeating. The food section taught me what to eat (and not to eat) and when.  Because it was so different to anything I had ever followed before it was a little tricky getting to grips with the concept, however once it clicked it’s been easy – as long I stick to the Formula it can easily be adapted to everyday life.

Since starting Alison’s Formula, I’ve lost 10lbs. I’ve regained my confidence and I feel I have the tools to cope with my issues with over eating. Meeting and getting to know the ladies in the group has also been great fun! Alison is also a great team leader with loads of enthusiasm which in turn inspires me every time we have a meeting!’

Hary Kyriacou, Hertfordshire


Karen – ‘I am looking forward to my next dress size reduction!’

Karen Ward‘I had been overweight for some time & kept trying to do different diets and not being able to keep to them or lose much weight. Any that I lost I put back on again. I had also had a couple of operations and was recovering from a broken leg so following a diet seemed harder.

I was concerned about paying out more money and not succeeding so ‘wasting’ my money and unsure what I would be letting myself in for….. Would I have to buy and take supplements? Would I have to starve myself? Would I get embarrassed? Would my intolerance to wheat and lack of a gall bladder affect my weight loss?

At first I didn’t really get it, as there was no mention of what foods to eat or not to eat. I understood I had to learn and change but it seemed weird not talking about food straight away! Once I started to learn some of the principles something clicked and I’ve found it easy (dare I say!). I don’t count calories; I don’t weigh anything (unless I’m making a recipe). Best of all I don’t feel hungry. Once that something clicked the weight started to come off. I am now a dress size lower and looking forward to my next dress size reduction!

The best things for me have been fitting into clothes that had got too small, feeling nice in them again, and feeling in control of my weight.’

Thank you

Karen Ward, Travel Counsellor


Maureen – ‘I have achieved a stable weight and improved my immune system’

‘Alison has helped ne to achieve a stable weight and improved immune system by helping me be more mindful of my diet and with some supplemental support. I had previously experienced several bouts of catching viruses and needed to improve my general health. Alison’s approach is professional, confidential, caring and supportive.’

Maureen Reid, Hertford


Vicky – ‘my long term problems disappeared within days’

‘I had a consultation with Alison and even though I had what I thought was a healthy diet, Alison pointed out the impact some of my eating habits were having, and with a few changes I was amazed that my long term problems disappeared within days.

I was under an enormous amount of stress that I wasn’t coping at all well with and I’d suffered debilitating PMS for well over two decades, and while I can’t say this has disappeared completely it’s at a manageable level (and I’ve not yet completed the programme).

I also not only dropped a dress size in 3 weeks, but have so much more energy that I can enjoy going to the gym and get far more from exercising, I look better than I did years ago and can’t help thinking if I look this well on the outside how well I must be on the inside?

With the guidance & knowledge Alison has given me I now have an eating guide that is simple to stick to and will be with me for life. Alison’s knowledge is incredible and I can’t thank her or recommend her enough.’

Vicky Green, Ware, Hertfordshire, Nutritional Therapy client

Hydrotherapist at Tao Hydrotherapy,


Eileen – ‘The results have been amazing’

Eileen and Metabolic Balance‘At the time I started Metabolic Balance I had been suffering from extreme tiredness, felt sluggish and seemed to be gaining weight with very little effort. Although I do have an underactive thyroid, it was being well treated and didn’t seem to be the reason for my lack of energy and neither did any other blood tests I had done give any clues as to why I was feeling so bad.

I decided that the investment of Metabolic Balance would be well worth it as I knew that my plan was tailored to me only through the result of detailed blood tests and I knew that I would be eating the proper nutrition my body needed. I was also well guided by Alison Sheldrick who was very supportive and full of good tips and information.

The results have been amazing. In 14 weeks I lost 20 pounds, 5.5 inches off my waist and 5 inches off my hips. But best of all I am feeling so much more energetic and waking up more refreshed in the mornings and this happened quite soon after starting the program.

I am now on the Maintenance Phase of the program and am happy for this to be part of my lifestyle. I have reached my target weight which I last weighed 13 years ago and I continue to feel the positive benefits of Metabolic Balance. I would recommend this program to anyone who is interested in good health and wellbeing.’

Eileen Pearce, Hertford, Metabolic Balance Client


Wendy – ‘I feel so relieved I am getting well again’

‘I knew that I felt unwell but others around me seemed to think it was just what happens when you work full time and as we get older but I was only in my mid thirties. My GP said if I stopped worrying about it I would feel better as my blood tests were fine. I felt suddenly tired, old and not able to do all the things I enjoyed but just try and keep up with all the things I had to do.  I understood the importance of good nutrition so thought I would visit a nutritionist to see if there was something they could look into that my GP hadn’t.

Although I had faith in a Nutritionist’s knowledge I was hesitant as I didn’t want to end up on a strict diet regime. Alison has been an inspiration, easing my concerns and working with me to figure out what is going wrong in my body. We are currently working to correct my health problems and I am seeing some good results. I can cope better with work and stressful situations and many of my symptoms have improved so I know we are on the right track. It’s not an overnight fix but after trying to find the reason and the solution for a number of years I feel so relieved I am getting well again.

As well as starting to feel better I can see I look younger and not constantly exhausted, and losing weight is a great side effect of getting well again. I was scared that I would always feel so ill and tired and didn’t know how I would cope with feeling like that for the rest of my life but I really do feel I have a lot to look forward to now.’

Thank you Alison

Wendy Clark, Sandy, Bedfordshire, Nutritional Therapy client


Steve – ‘The weight loss has been astonishing’

‘I went to Alison for  nutritional advice as I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis, she suggested that I try Metabolic Balance as being over weight contributes to the condition. I have always struggled with my weight and tried many diets which either failed or I found I couldn’t stick to. To be honest I found the earlier phases of MB difficult but the results clearly demonstrated that it was worth sticking to.

The weight loss has been astonishing, especially as most of the foods on the diet I found I liked and I rarely felt hungry. Now that I’ve achieved my target weight I found the diet has changed the way I eat, I feel sure it has changed the way my body works and I’m determined to keep the weight off.

Throughout this process Alison has been a constant source of advice and encouragement and I can’t thank her enough for introducing me to this way of eating and I would recommend Metabolic Balance to anyone who is serious about losing weight. As a footnote, the pain of my RA is significantly improved and I am sure this is due to the weight loss.’

Steve, Hertford, Hertfordshire, Metabolic Balance client


Pam – ‘My stomach is now flat and I have lost about 5lb in weight’

‘Dear Alison

I want to thank you very much for the advice and support you have given me.  At the start of the year I felt totally exhausted and depleted.  The dietary supplements and sound nutritional and lifestyle advice you have given me have made a huge difference. My energy levels are so much better, I have lost the “brain fog” that was blighting my life, the condition of my skin and hair has improved, my stomach is now flat and I have lost about 5lb in weight.  Thank you so much. I couldn’t have done it without you!’

With best wishes

Pam Mew, Ware, Hertfordshire, Nutritional Therapy client


Julia – ‘I have also lost weight and lots of inches’

‘I have been following Metabolic Balance (MB) for 9 months and I have gained a real deep insight into the way that my body works.  I have come to realise and understand the foods and liquids that do my whole system good, and those that slow me down.  That doesn’t mean to say that I don’t eat those foods any more, but it enables me to make informed choices about what I eat.

Keeping to MB gives me vastly increased energy levels and I feel much more positive, fit and healthy.  I guess it would be possible for someone reading this to feel a certain amount of scepticism but, thinking about it, it makes sense.  My MB food list was made for me, based on my blood sample.  The foods on that list are going to be those that give my body just what it needs, enabling it to perform at optimum levels.

Another thing I have noticed is my clear skin and the many comments from friends and family who comment on how well I am looking.  There are times when I glow!

I have also lost weight and lots of inches, as well as dress sizes, more so than ever in my life.  This is probably the first time that I have followed a ‘regime’ and actually lost weight and inches without putting it back on.  In fact, though in the past I may have had a good figure through exercise, I could still never shift those inches on my thighs – and with MB they have started to shift big time.

The food lists for me are great – once I got to grips with no bread (except rye bread), potato or rice, it was relatively easy.  That said, I still haven’t managed to lose all the weight.  But what I have done, is reduce my body fat by 30% and that’s just amazing – you can imagine that that shows!

So, why haven’t I lost all the weight?  Because it takes time and sometimes life does get in the way.  But MB has taught me what my body does and doesn’t want, how much it needs and how much is too much.

Alison has been amazingly supportive; she is naturally an empathetic character and has never at any point been judgemental when I occasionally ‘fell off the wagon’.

I have found my relationship with food and eating has hugely improved, as well as my figure.  I’d wholeheartedly recommend MB!’

Julia Fillary, Hertford, Metabolic Balance client


John – ‘I decided I had to invest in myself’

‘Having suffered with declining health over a long period and getting nowhere with my doctors I decided I had to invest in myself and find other answers.

This lead to working with Alison who has been fantastic, her skill and knowledge are superb, she has taught me much about the complexities of the human body and the care with which she treats people is wonderful.

In very quick time Alison had set me on a course for recovery which has produced results and real improvements in my situation.

I have and will continue to recommend friends & family to her.’

John Gibson, Saffron Walden, Essex, Nutritional Therapy client


Helen – ‘I used to crawl into bed at 9pm’

‘The main improvement for me is that I can now eat with confidence that I won’t bloat afterwards, the pain has disappeared as well.

My hair is shiny and grows really quickly.  I no longer have any dry skin on my face and my fine lines have reduced.

I do not get an ‘after food’ slump – I used to crawl into bed at 9pm.  I now find myself rarely saying ‘I am tired’.  I feel more alert at work and have more energy for my running.’

Helen Wilson, Ware, Hertfordshire, Nutritional Therapy Client


Maggi – ‘I feel Wonderful’

Maggi and Metabolic Balance‘I just wanted to say a big thank you for the introduction to the Metabolic Balance way of life. This is my seventh week, I have lost 1stone 9lbs in weight, 9.5 total inches, and I feel wonderful. Stiff joints are a thing of the past, sleep is sound, and as if all this wasn’t bonus enough – I haven’t been at all hungry!!

I have far more energy than I have had for such a long time, and I’m simply loving it all.’

Maggi MacKenzie, Hertford, Hertfordshire, Metabolic Balance client


Elizabeth – ‘You came along at the right time’

‘Just a little note to thank you very much Alison for the advice, you gave on diet/nutrition. I have tried various diets during my years (69) and have sometimes managed to diet, sometimes with great effort so you came along at the right time as I was feeling very bloated, and my clothes were definitely not fitting around the waist. However, after listening to your very helpful information I have managed to lose an inch about the waist, which is what I needed, without going hungry, just eating the correct food and even having to nibble during the day (ha ha) to fit the five meals a day. Wonderful! Thanks again’

Elizabeth, Ampthill, Bedfordshire, Seminar attendee

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